Global advisory & best practice guidelines for the casting, design
& manufacture of 3D Printed Custom Foot Orthoses

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Thanks for visiting 3DCO.org. We represent a community of registered clinical practitioners and manufacturers looking to establish clear guidelines and promote worlds best practice in the prescribing and construction of 3D designed and Manufactured foot orthoses.

We are forming and producing content for you to access on this website. We should have everything up and running in no time. Please visit regularly to find out more. See you again soon.


We are developing a repository and advocacy for better professional understanding and application of modern manufacturing technologies. For any question please send us a message to professionals@3dco.org

End Consumers

If you have any questions, please refer to your supplying manufacturer in the fist instance. We are not a policing authority, rather an independent source information for manufacturers, practitioners and end users of 3D Designed and Printed Custom Foot Orthoses.

Support Forum

You are invited to visit our support forum and knowledge base (once we get it constructed)